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Andrea & Nathan's Bridal Party
Andrea & Nathan's Wedding

Parkour - Higher Quality File (.mov)
Parkour - Faster File (.wmv)

alli movie

Doll WMV

promo - real
promo - real modem
promo - mpg - webtv

Please Mr Postman

Welcome Speech and Diploma

How do you like that for Animal Planet?

Dead Fish

Shelby's Four Swords of Zelda Picture

Missing Piece & The Big O - .scr file - Download this file, then right-click on your desktop & choose 'Properties'. Point your screensaver to this file
Missing Piece & the Big O - .exe file - Download this install program, then run it. It will set the animation up as a screensaver.

Bike Sequence
In The Band
Jumping Jacks
Feeding Birds!
Peg Legs!
Virtual Family Vacation (Backseat version)
Annie at the dunes
Shelby at the dunes

DDR at Crazy Nickels - movie
Kids in Crate - movie
crayfishing in Ely - movie
don't take my picture - movie
soccer on volleyball court (Ely) - movie
swimming at hotel - movie
ddr at home - movie

stick war - movie
please play with shelby - mpg - webtv
please play with shelby - movie
action figures - mpg - webtv
action figures - movie
chicken walk - mpg - webtv
chicken walk - movie

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